Sac State Athletics Podcast

March Madness: Men's and Women's Basketball


Myckena G sits down with Men’s Basketball Coach Brian Katz and Women’s Basketball Coach Bunky Harkleroad to talk about this year’s seasons, the up coming Big Sky Tournament, and the many accomplishments of their talented student athletes!

Music by: Jahzzar 
Track: Roads that Burned Our Boots (

The Sac State Athletics Podcast is a production of KSSU: Sac State’s Student Run Radio in partnership with Sac State Athletics. Hosted and produced by me Myckena Guerrero, with audio editing and executive producing by Andrew Garcia. Special thanks this week to Markus Jennings, Kriselle Pons, Ryan Bjork, Robert Barsanti, and the rest of the Sac State Athletics team for making this episode possible. Additional thanks to Coach Brian Katz and Coach Bunky Harkleroad for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk with us. And as always, Stingers Up!