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The state fair is in town, and I had the pleasure of attending. Now I don’t find myself going to these things much anymore as the allure seemed to dissipate after reaching a certain age but there’s still plenty to see and enjoy. A few buildings had some promising artwork one seemed to focus on the pre-18 crowd, but another was dedicated to some astonishing artwork from what I believed to be local colleges. My favorite was a black and white photo of some flowers in a vase; the creator used a 19th century plate technique that I don’t really understand, but the results really blew me away. Sadly I can’t share a photo of that but there was an awesome dancing porcupine that I can share a picture of.

the fair there’s a section dedicated to teaching people about trees plus a little coloring area for the young’ins. Along the path you can see various animals such as Racoons, owls, I think there was a fox, and the porcupine to the left which had one of the coolest reactions out there. He actually got up and started to dance for us while we were walking by. I have no idea why, he may have expected food, but I don’t think you’re supposed to feed them. Either way it was a pretty cool thing to witness.

If you haven’t gotten out there yet and are planning on it the fair will be running until July 27th. If on the other hand you’re interested in reading more blog posts then you have come to the right place. Below you can find a list of other blog posts I’ve made, or feel free to look around and view some of the contributions by our other fine DJ’s.

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