KSSU DJs Reveal Hidden Gems of Sacramento

Article Brittany Burnsed

Sacramento may be California’s capital, but some hidden treasures of our city remain precious secrets to only those who know of them. We asked our KSSU DJs to reveal some of their own hidden gems of Sacramento that they know and love.

DJ Mandolin: The Cave

“This place is full of treasures, It provides everything in the entertainment industry including figures, manga, comics, posters, movie memorabilia, and even VHS and cassettes! You could also get clothes and small gifts for an average price, as well as tons of band/event knowledge once you step foot into the store. I highly recommend it!”


DJ Homeskillet: Mixed Bag

“Mixed Bag is a general, novelty store located downtown. They have a lot of cute items and objects. It’s just a great place to walk around and find some random things for a cheap price. They have notebooks, soaps, and so many other things. I love spending time in there, and the employees are always just so nice and welcoming. I definitely recommend it if you are downtown and want to waste some time!​”


DJ Dani: Rico’s Pizza

“Rico’s Pizza is a pizza shop. If you like big, and I mean BIG pizzas, you should definitely stop there. Their pizza is really good. You can dine in, carry out, or have it delivered. You should definitely try it at least once, you won’t regret it!”


DJ Ai Yi: Tower Theater

“Compared to Cinemark or other commercial movie theaters, Tower Theater focuses on art films the most. You can see Oscar-nominated shorts and world cinemas to get to know diverse knowledge from all around the world. After watching the movies, don’t forget to grab some delicious food next to the theater - Tower Café!”


DJ Bumble: There and Back Games Café

“There and Back is a gaming café that has specialty drinks, snacks, and games all for sale. It has predominantly board games and card games but dabbles in some miscellaneous stuff as well such as decorations, plushies, and is right next to a bookstore. It’s an awesome space with some really cool decorations, all the people there are incredibly friendly and the community around it is absolutely lovely.”


DJ Birdy: “Sacramento’s Coney Island” 

“I initially found this park when I use to ditch high school. But the history of this park is rich. Oak Park was a suburb at one point, and there was an amusement park where this park is now. It had burnt down, and the owners sold rather than rebuild. It’s now called McClatchy Park. Google ‘Sacramento’s Coney Island’ for pics.”


DJ OkamBB: The Elk Grove Public Library

“Now as the name implies it is not that much of a hidden gem. BUT… It’s the overall aesthetic that makes it feel like a hidden gem to me. As it looks like and feels like an old-timey library that just has a cozy feel to it that I always find myself coming back to. Its hidden corners are a perfect place to get work done. Plus it is in the line of Old Town Elk Grove, which is basically a more palatable Old Town Sac. So you get that rustic town feel even as you walk to a cozy little library.”


DJ Charlie: Madison Ave & San Juan Ave McDonald’s 

“Russ Solomon started Tower Records in 1960, the street Fleetwood is west of that McDonald’s, and it’s just fun knowing there are writers who have been in Sacramento with that creative caliber. If you know music, just drive around town, you’ll get it.”