Article Gregory Gonzales

Music and Me

I play music all the time because music, to my ears, is living my life. That’s what I do, and I have been doing it for a long time – ever since I was a kid, into my teenage years, during my 20s, and through my 30s. Here I am as a full-grown adult, still listening to music as if my survival depends on it.  

Article Zyearre Amoah

Gridiron and Grades: A Football Student Athlete’s Journey

In this space, we explore the delicate balance of tackling both academic pursuits and athlete ambitions. From the adrenaline rush of a packed stadium under the Saturday night lights to the focused concentration required to dissect a complex playbook, being a football student athlete is a journey unlike any other. Sac State Wide Receiver and Los Angeles native, Chris Miller, invites us to step into the cleats of those who navigate the exhilarating highs of game day victories and the quiet intensity of late-night study sessions. 

Article Alisa Hakim

Reviving Free Speech on Campus: A Call to Action for Student Media

Today, we’re diving deep into a topic that’s close to our hearts – the state of free speech on college campuses. It’s no secret that in recent years, the vibrant tradition of open discourse seems to be fading away. Let’s unpack the historical significance of free speech movements and shed light on the current challenges faced by student media.

Article Casey Rafter

Sparky’s Best Albums 2023

We expanded our reach this year to find out what our Sac State, Sparky-lovin’ community was listening to this year. Not only were there KSSU DJs DJ Geo, DJ MB, Dj Key, DJ Larry Dee, DJ Bumble, DJ Jetjetplane, DJ TeZaSean, DJ Birdie, The Other, DJ Rafterian, Chris Woodard, DJ Artrocks, DJ Kayla and DJ Harrito BUT we opened up our survey again to the staff at The State Hornet AND a few other fans of the station.

All in all, 24 Sac State students helped us determine the cream of the crop from 2023.

Article Harrito Andres

Let’s Talk! My Hero Ultra Rumble Edition!

Welcome to my new blog miniseries, “Let’s Talk!” In this series, I’ll give my opinion on the latest subjects like music, video games, and anything else that catches my eye! The first-ever entry will be on My Hero Ultra Rumble, a series I know NOTHING about, but the game is so entertaining in my opinion. It’s super fun even if people don’t know much about the series like me! Without further ado, let’s talk!

Article Harrito Andres

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Teal Mask DLC Review

Hey guys it’s me again, DJ Harrito! This time around I’ll be reviewing the latest Pokémon DLC, spoilers of course! I’ll be tackling my opinion on the DLC and its main story, not including the side quests like the Perrin storyline. Obviously, this mini-blog is about my opinion and my opinion only so if you disagree with my opinions that’s ok!

Article Brian Robinson II

“Clean Your Room”

That title. Yeah, I didn’t write that to be silly, nor did I intend it to be some sort of metaphor. I am literally telling you to clean your room. 

Article Brittany Burnsed & KSSU DJs

What’s Our KSSU DJs’ Favorite Scary Movies?

October is a time for all things spooky and fun, and one of the best things to do for Halloween is get together with the ones closest to you and watch your favorite scary movies. We asked our KSSU DJs to share their favorite scary films to watch for Halloween, so that you might enjoy the same frights as them!

Article Harrito Andres

Nintendo Video Game Recommendations

Hello everyone! It’s DJ Harrito again here to tell you about my personal recommendations for those who are looking to “engage” (haha get the reference?) with Nintendo games!