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2022 NFL Draft 21-32

The NFL Draft is just days away and as mentioned in the previous posts the draft is constantly switching around picks, and players for picks. That’s what makes the draft so fun and exciting!

Article Joey Cobb

2022 NFL Mock Drafts picks 11-20

In about a week, the 2022 NFL Draft takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Top prospects have already committed to attending the draft in person and many are looking forward to making their dreams come true. 

Article Joey Cobb

2022 NFL Top 10 Mock Draft

It’s that time of the year again! The 2022 NFL Draft is coming up in less than a month – Thursday, April 28th, 2022 – and this time, it’s in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada.

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“As It Was” Review

I was never a One Direction fan when I was a kid, nor was I a hardcore Harry Styles fan ever. As he’s released his music in his solo career there have been some songs that caught my attention and I liked for a while and then completely forgot about. Long story short, Harry Styles has never been an artist that I felt like I needed to see in person. Until now.

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10 Awesome Things to Do at Sac State

Do you know how much cool stuff there is to do here on campus? I didn’t fully understand until this semester (my second) but let me tell you…there is a lot. I know it’s easy to get wrapped in schoolwork, and of course you should work hard! But you can’t forget to have fun and do other things to balance that out, and Sac State offers ample fun things to help you achieve that balance. Here are some of them.

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Nobody Saves the World on Game Pass

Are you paying the $15 a month Xbox is charging for Game Pass right now? Are you browsing their game selection and wondering what you should play and what is absolute garbage? Well, have no fear, Delivery Boi is here with another great game review for you.

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Cooking with Disabilities (DANA)

Cooking with Disabilities involves adapting to your environment to the best of your ability. It could mean using a stool while at the stove or counter, using your table to cut veggies instead of the counter, using a portable oven or stove instead of a built-in one, using store-bought or homemade frozen foods, or even making food prep a group activity! The possibilities are endless. 

Article Brian Thao
What is the Disabled and Nondisabled Alliance (DANA)??

What is the Disabled and Nondisabled Alliance (DANA)??

I am Brian Thao, and I have been the Blog Editor for over a year now. Last semester, I joined the Disabled and Nondisabled Alliance or DANA as an officer where I have been creating weekly video content on YouTube and Instagram. We’re a club at Sac State for disabled students, staff, and their allies to discuss and educate each other on disability topics, advocate for the disabled community, and hang out together. 

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Sparky’s Best Albums of 2021

with contributions by DJs Stephen Sullivan (Chip), Sean Bright (SJ), Odin Rasco, Hector Hernandez (DJ Hectic), Aaron Wall (adubs), Kachai Ware (DJ Ware), and Danielle Mckinney (urdoseofdan)

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Transforming Lives One Story at a Time

What is 'Behind the Butterfly'?

A butterfly resting on a flower with the Terezah logo in center of the photo. The image contains the title of the blog article

If you didn’t already know this, Terezah was founded by none other than yours truly. Many of you know me as a professional fashion model and designer, but my deepest passion lies in helping others spread their wings to their fullest potential and soar to the greatest of heights. I have been passionately growing Behind the Butterfly for

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Are Streaming Services Just Cable?

Living in 2021 means that your family or someone close to you has one or more streaming services. These include Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and basically any other platform with the newest huge show that the internet won’t stop talking about for two

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Will Smash Bros Die?

Smash Bros poster

Well, we are finally here. The last DLC character in Smash Ultimate, Sora, is here. This could very likely be the last smash DLC ever, considering that there probably won’t be another smash game. At least for the creator, Masahiro Sakurai, this will be his last smash game. There has been a lot of discussion of whether Smash as a whole will die