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Article Brian Robinson II

“Clean Your Room”

That title. Yeah, I didn’t write that to be silly, nor did I intend it to be some sort of metaphor. I am literally telling you to clean your room. 

Article Brittany Burnsed

KSSU DJs Reveal Hidden Gems of Sacramento

Sacramento may be California’s capital, but some hidden treasures of our city remain precious secrets to only those who know of them. We asked our KSSU DJs to reveal some of their own hidden gems of Sacramento that they know and love.

Article Sarah Blunt

Why I Would Take a Mexican Restaurant to a Deserted Island

I had a friend tell me once that if I could take one thing with me to a deserted island, it would be a Mexican restaurant. That joke started because we were trying to decide where to eat and she kept suggesting asian cuisine and I kept suggesting Mexican. I am here to tell you why they will always be the elite night out experience in my mind.

Article Charlotte Barna

10 Awesome Things to Do at Sac State

Do you know how much cool stuff there is to do here on campus? I didn’t fully understand until this semester (my second) but let me tell you…there is a lot. I know it’s easy to get wrapped in schoolwork, and of course you should work hard! But you can’t forget to have fun and do other things to balance that out, and Sac State offers ample fun things to help you achieve that balance. Here are some of them.

Article Brian Thao

Cooking with Disabilities (DANA)

Cooking with Disabilities involves adapting to your environment to the best of your ability. It could mean using a stool while at the stove or counter, using your table to cut veggies instead of the counter, using a portable oven or stove instead of a built-in one, using store-bought or homemade frozen foods, or even making food prep a group activity! The possibilities are endless. 

Article Brian Thao

What is the Disabled and Nondisabled Alliance (DANA)??

What is the Disabled and Nondisabled Alliance (DANA)??

I am Brian Thao, and I have been the Blog Editor for over a year now. Last semester, I joined the Disabled and Nondisabled Alliance or DANA as an officer where I have been creating weekly video content on YouTube and Instagram. We’re a club at Sac State for disabled students, staff, and their allies to discuss and educate each other on disability topics, advocate for the disabled community, and hang out together. 

Article Terezah Scott

Transforming Lives One Story at a Time

What is 'Behind the Butterfly'?

A butterfly resting on a flower with the Terezah logo in center of the photo. The image contains the title of the blog article

If you didn’t already know this, Terezah was founded by none other than yours truly. Many of you know me as a professional fashion model and designer, but my deepest passion lies in helping others spread their wings to their fullest potential and soar to the greatest of heights. I have been passionately growing Behind the Butterfly for

Article Brian Thao

Meeting new people in the virtual college experience

image of laptop with two hands on the screen giving a high five.

As we all know, the next spring semester is going virtual again. We also know how hard the fall semester was in our mental health, focus, and human interaction. Online college is tough for all of us. Some professors do not understand the pandemic and assign vast amounts of work or do not accommodate students. I heard stories that professors made classes more difficult because they felt that online made things too easy.

Article Sydney O'Neal

Producing a Student Film During a Pandemic

Cast and crew

The vibrant energy on campus during the first few weeks at Sac State had always been something I looked forward to at the end of every summer. The heat, the excitement, the “new-ness” of it all-it’s truly an unmatched vibe.

Article Brian Thao

How do you keep track of your General Education requirements?


 I have heard countless stories of students who took a class that they did not need to take and wasted their time. For example, one of my friends took an extra Area D class and could not graduate in four years. The reason why he took it is because a General Education counselor told him to. You cannot rely on one person only to see if you are in track for Graduation. You also have to rely on yourself.

Article Shasta Garcia

5 Tips to Reduce Stress as a College Student

College students deal with stress daily. I know because I’m a college student myself. We are constantly being bombarded with assignments, exams, and questions about our future. It can often make our college experience more difficult than it needs to be. That’s why I wanted to share 5 tips to reduce stress. These tips have helped me recognize what’s important and I hope these help you manage your college schedule and enjoy your time at Sac State.

Article Shasta Garcia

Everyone Has a Story to Share

Open Story Book

You have a story to share. Have you ever realized that? Every one of us can teach, heal, and inspire someone else. You have the power to connect with others using your experiences. There is not a right and a wrong way to share your story. However, it’s important to include the good and bad times. This allows others to rest knowing things will get better.