Prospective Underwriter,

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Sacramento State’s student run radio KSSU. Your donation will allows one of the largest student volunteer organizations on campus to continue to serve the CSUS community as well as provide Sacramento with an alternative to commercial radio.

KSSU is comprised of over fifty student volunteers whose efforts are continuing a broadcasting tradition dating back to the 1960’s. KSSU is home to a variety of content which is simply not available from any other radio station in the Sacramento Area and it’s quality has been recognized nationally as the premier college radio station in the country.

Despite our success our future is dependent upon the generosity of our underwriters, whose support allows us to provide a unique learning experience for our volunteers and a free format platform of expression for the CSUS community.

Please if you have any questions about us or want to come see the station for yourself, do not hesitate to call me.

Thank you for your consideration,

Station Advisor
KSSU, Sacramento State Student-Run Radio

KSSU is Sacramento State’s Student-Run Radio Station. CSUS has a tradition of student broadcasting dating back to the 1960s. KSSU was founded on May 14th 1991 and has since become one of the most awarded and recognized college radio stations in the country. 2009 was a banner year for KSSU as we were not only a finalist for MTVU’s College Station of the Year, but KSSU was also recognized as Station of the Year, Student Run Station of the Year, Best Community Resource, Best Use of Limited Resources (for the third straight year) by the “College Music Journal’.

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is a concise, non-commercial acknowledgment of a donor or sponsor on air as outlined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). At KSSU this is typically done in one of two ways:

  1. An on-air Public Service Announcement.
  2. Sponsorship of a Show

There are three parts of an underwriting acknowledgment:

  1. The business name.
  2. A brief description of business or service
  3. Repeats your business name and gives location or contact information.

What can be allowed on the acknowledgment?

  1. Value-neutral descriptions of products and services
  2. Brand name of products (maximum of 3)
  3. Products or services offered or sold (maximum of 3)

What is prohibited?

  1. Comparisons and endorsements
  2. Expression of viewpoints
  3. Price or value information (including discounts)
  4. Calls to action (i.e. “Come on down!”)


Example: Public Service Announcement

“Springtime is in full swing and the staff and management at Manifest Colossal Inc. located at 23435 J st here in Sacramento would like to take this special time to congratulate this year’s graduates and remind our listeners to enjoy themselves but don’t drink and drive. If you do decide to drink, be sure to elect a sober driver or call a cab. This important message is brought to you by Manifest Colossal Inc, offering copy and graphic supplies for over 50 years, is located at 23435 J st and can be reached at 916 745-3343.”

Example: Show Sponsorship

“This program is underwritten by Speedy Lube, located at 115 Main Street. Speedy Lube provides oil changes and other car maintenance services. Speedy Lube 555-6565.”

Why should I underwrite KSSU?

Underwriting KSSU programming is a great opportunity to contribute to KSSU’s mission of providing students with a unique educational experience and providing the CSUS community with a non-commercial platform for expression and dissemination of ideas and music not readily available to the Sacramento community.

Underwriting KSSU demonstrates community concern and involvement and provides a low cost alternative to commercial advertising. Underwriting KSSU is also a Tax Deductible donation to a non-profit organization.

What does Underwriting consist of?

Underwriting typically consists of a series of scheduled Public Service Announcements or Show Sponsorships, this is in addition to automatic plays through KSSUs computer system and KSSU DJs, your donation rate is tied only to the PSAs that you schedule. Additionally, KSSU underwriters can also provide flyers for KSSU to give at on-campus events at no additional charge, giving underwriters an opportunity to reach the CSUS campus community directly. Additionally, KSSU underwriting packages can include banner space on KSSU.com and KSSU’s flash player.

Underwriting Rates

Number of PSAs Rate Per PSA Total Cost (at maximum)
1 – 24 $15 $360
25 – 40 $13 $520
41+ $12 contact us for details
1 Show Sponsorship   $60 each show/one time

Semester-long “sustainer” Sponsorships are also available. Please contact us for this special rate.

Payment Information

KSSU Radio accepts Mastercard or checks

Payment for KSSU services will be arranged through the ASI Business office. ASI business office will invoice your organization with the address and billing information you provide.