DJ Services

DJ & PA Services

KSSU is available for DJ and PA services at your next event!


On and off-campus organizations can hire KSSU to provide music and/or a PA system at their event. KSSU is a program of Associated Students Inc. (ASI) at Sacramento State. 

All Sac State campus departments and organizations are charged the standard rate. On-campus departments and organizations are responsible for securing their own sound permit through the department of Student Organizations & Leadership (SOAL) prior to contacting KSSU about providing on-campus DJ/PA services.

Off-campus organizations with events taking place on the Sac State campus are also charged the standard rate. Off-campus organizations are also responsible for securing their own sound permit through the department of Student Organizations & Leadership (SOAL). If the event is off-campus, please be aware of the additional transportation charges below.

All departments & organizations requesting DJ/PA services must complete a written and signed DJ and PA services contract with KSSU. DJ/PA services are not confirmed verbally in person or over the phone.

Important: Please provide at least 3 weeks notice prior to your event date. Please also be aware of the rates listed below before making your request.

To book KSSU DJ/PA service, contact Station Staff at or call us at 916-278-3343

Rates (effective 7/5/2021)

Event Duration: 1 to 3 hours

  • $175 per hour KSSU is scheduled to be at your event.

Example: KSSU is at your event from 2pm to 4pm. The event duration is 2 hours. The total charge will be $350

Event Duration: 4+ hours

  • $525 for the first 3 hours ($175 per hour rate)
  • $100 per hour after the third hour

For events exceeding 3 hours, the charge would include $525 for the first 3 hours and then a $100 per hour rate after the third hour.

Example: KSSU is at your event from 2 pm to 7 pm. The event duration is 5 hours. The charge for 2pm-5pm would be $525 ($175 per hour). From 5pm-7pm the charge would be $200 ($100 per hour). Your total charge for this event is $725.

Please note, event durations that are a portion of an hour are billed as a full hour. For example, if your event is 1 and half hours, we will bill for 2 hours.

Off-Campus Events

In addition to the standard fees listed above, off-campus events are also responsible for paying a transportation fee. An additional transportation fee of $50 is assessed to organizations requesting DJ and/or PA services for events that take place off the Sacramento State campus. If the event is out of the Sacramento area, a larger transportation fee may apply. Please contact KSSU for details.


Payment for KSSU DJ & PA services will be arranged through ASI Business and Administration (ASI BOA). ASI BOA will invoice your organization. Please provide KSSU with: name of the billing contact person, name of the organization or department, billing address, phone number, and email.