DJ Services

DJ & PA Services

KSSU is available for DJ and PA services at your next event!


On and off-campus organizations can hire KSSU to provide music and/or a PA system at their event. KSSU is a program of Associated Students Inc. (ASI) at Sacramento State. 

All Sac State campus departments and organizations are charged the standard rate. On-campus departments and organizations are responsible for securing their own sound permit through the department of Student Organizations & Leadership (SOAL) prior to contacting KSSU about providing on-campus DJ/PA services.

Off-campus organizations with events taking place on the Sac State campus are also charged the standard rate. Off-campus organizations are also responsible for securing their own sound permit through the department of Student Organizations & Leadership (SOAL). If the event is off-campus, please be aware of the additional transportation charges below.

All departments & organizations requesting DJ/PA services must complete a written and signed DJ and PA services contract with KSSU. DJ/PA services are not confirmed verbally in person or over the phone.

Important: Please provide at least 3 weeks notice prior to your event date. Please also be aware of the rates listed below before making your request.

To book KSSU contact Aaron Wall, Station Advisor or call us at 916-278-3343

Rates (effective 7/5/2021)

Event Duration: 1 to 3 hours

  • $175 per hour KSSU is scheduled to be at your event.

Example: KSSU is at your event from 2pm to 4pm. The event duration is 2 hours. The total charge will be $350

Event Duration: 4+ hours

  • $525 for the first 3 hours ($175 per hour rate)
  • $100 per hour after the third hour

For events exceeding 3 hours, the charge would include $525 for the first 3 hours and then a $100 per hour rate after the third hour.

Example: KSSU is at your event from 2 pm to 7 pm. The event duration is 5 hours. The charge for 2pm-5pm would be $525 ($175 per hour). From 5pm-7pm the charge would be $200 ($100 per hour). Your total charge for this event is $725.

Please note, event durations that are a portion of an hour are billed as a full hour. For example, if your event is 1 and half hours, we will bill for 2 hours.

Off-Campus Events

In addition to the standard fees listed above, off-campus events are also responsible for paying a transportation fee. An additional transportation fee of $50 is assessed to organizations requesting DJ and/or PA services for events that take place off the Sacramento State campus. If the event is out of the Sacramento area, a larger transportation fee may apply. Please contact KSSU for details.


Payment for KSSU DJ & PA services will be arranged through ASI Business and Administration (ASI BOA). ASI BOA will invoice your organization. Please provide KSSU with: name of the billing contact person, name of the organization or department, billing address, phone number, and email.