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Meeting new people in the virtual college experience

As we all know, the next spring semester is going virtual again. We also know how hard the fall semester was in our mental health, focus, and human interaction. Online college is tough for all of us. Some professors do not understand the pandemic and assign vast amounts of work or do not accommodate students. I heard stories that professors made classes more difficult because they felt that online made things too easy.

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Producing a Student Film During a Pandemic

Cast and crew

The vibrant energy on campus during the first few weeks at Sac State had always been something I looked forward to at the end of every summer. The heat, the excitement, the “new-ness” of it all-it’s truly an unmatched vibe.

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During the pandemic, music delivers a hopeful message

Searching for hope? The year 2020 has been hard for everyone, but music has provided a way to cope. Songs are more than just melodies coming through a speaker or headphones, but rather a way to inspire and impact those who hear it.

Article Brian Thao

How do you keep track of your General Education requirements?


 I have heard countless stories of students who took a class that they did not need to take and wasted their time. For example, one of my friends took an extra Area D class and could not graduate in four years. The reason why he took it is because a General Education counselor told him to. You cannot rely on one person only to see if you are in track for Graduation. You also have to rely on yourself.

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5 Records you should be playing during the California Shelter in place

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Well… actually one big thing really. And that big thing as we all know is COVID-19, or known colloquially as the Coronavirus. It has been one hot mess, for everyone. Except for small children who seem to be enjoying the break from school. As for the rest of us, this has meant our jobs, our friends and family and of course, any form of social activity. Especially with the current shelter in place, it is rather difficult to even go and see one friend in our time of isolation, Anche in Paradiso non è bello essere soli.

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Sparky's Best 2019

Sparky’s Best Albums of 2019

As the clock is about to reset to a new decade, there are many questions about what’s the next big thing in the music world. What will the next decade’s music sound like? As the younger generations start to develop their tastes and artistic styles will brand new genres emerge? Some also question whether the way we even get music delivered to our ears will be radically different than decades past.

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Open Story Book

Everyone Has a Story to Share

You have a story to share. Have you ever realized that? Every one of us can teach, heal, and inspire someone else. You have the power to connect with others using your experiences. There is not a right and a wrong way to share your story. However, it’s important to include the good and bad times. This allows others to rest knowing things will get better. 

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Five Podcasts To Check Out!

Podcasts are a great source of entertainment when you’re driving through Sacramento traffic, on public transport, walking around campus, cleaning your room, or even going to the gym. I find myself listening to podcasts more than music on most days. If you’re a n00b when it comes to podcasts, fear not! Here are five to start off with:

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The Lambeau Field Experience

Any football fan—whether they enjoy the NFL product or not—has heard of Lambeau Field. Home of the Green Bay Packers since 1957, it has achieved landmark status in NFL lore and the sports world at large. Though it has gone through its share of renovations like any older sports venue through the years, it still keeps a sense of history and classicism from a bygone era of professional sports, with high school-style bleacher seating in its main seating level of the lower bowl and fans of the team and the game that are there for one simple reason: to watch the game unfold.

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5 Tips to Reduce Stress as a College Student

College students deal with stress daily. I know because I’m a college student myself. We are constantly being bombarded with assignments, exams, and questions about our future. It can often make our college experience more difficult than it needs to be. That’s why I wanted to share 5 tips to reduce stress. These tips have helped me recognize what’s important and I hope these help you manage your college schedule and enjoy your time at Sac State.