Rocking Out with Rosso Rosso: Exclusive Video Performance and Vinyl Review!

Article Alisa Hakim and DJ Ceraphim

Hey there music enthusiasts! We’ve got something special for you today: an electrifying performance brought to you exclusively by KSSU in collaboration with Rosso Rosso.

Dive into the raw energy as Rosso Rosso debuts their single “Burlap Tuxedo” live from the iconic Arlene’s Grocery in the heart of Manhattan, New York. With Mike Palmieri on guitar, Conor Newton on vocals, Daniel Penner Hashimoto on bass, and Kieran Scannell on drums, this performance promises to be an unforgettable experience. Get ready to groove to the beats and feel the passion radiating from the stage!

As if the excitement couldn’t get any higher, Rosso Rosso has another treat in store for their fans! To mark the one-year anniversary of their debut release, the band is offering limited edition vinyl pressings. This exclusive vinyl features four captivating tracks. 

And if you’re eager to hear more about what makes Rosso Rosso’s sound so unique, our very own DJ Ceraphim has you covered. She recently took to the turntables to spin a vinyl review, praising the band’s dynamic blend of melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious rhythms. Let’s see what DJ Ceraphim has to say:

When I originally agreed to listening to this record, I found myself having no clue what I was going to unveil. Surprisingly, the first track, “The Stone Ape Hypothesis”, was actually the last track I listened to, and let me start by saying no where near the least. From its hearty guitar shredding to its perfect drum sequences, I was fully captivated. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the lyrics took hold of me, leaving me hanging on to every word. The guitar solo leading into the bridge is what convinced me – this song alone could easily top the charts. It is undoubtedly my favorite off the record.

“Burlap Tuxedo” is what I would envision Malcolm in the Middle would feature right before the end (in the best way possible of course), especially towards the end when the guitar is playing and everyone is singing along. It’s the kind of song that makes you believe everything will work out in the end, even against all odds.

The intensity of “Nothing” is what made me excited about reviewing this record. This song brought a level of charm that I wasn’t expecting to find. As a bass player myself, I was particularly enamored by the bass line and how it tied everything together.

If what you’re looking for is your quintessential rock song, then you have that with “Umami Magnifique”. With a well loved guitar riff presented in a fresh and and authentic way by Rosso Rosso, you can’t help but enjoy the ride they take you on this track.

What I expected to be more of the same turned out to be a collection of lively pieces, each satisfying to the digester’s multifaceted palette. All whilst being a solidified and coherent body of art.