Let’s Talk! My Hero Ultra Rumble Edition!

Article Harrito Andres

Welcome to my new blog miniseries, “Let’s Talk!” In this series, I’ll give my opinion on the latest subjects like music, video games, and anything else that catches my eye! The first-ever entry will be on My Hero Ultra Rumble, a series I know NOTHING about, but the game is so entertaining in my opinion. It’s super fun even if people don’t know much about the series like me! Without further ado, let’s talk!

☆ Ultra Rumble Itself ☆

The game is pretty simple: be the last team alive. This game is a battle royal so don’t be surprised by the vast amount of gacha possibilities in the game! Personally, I’ve been on the edge of wanting to drop a couple of dollars for a chance to roll, but I’ll be honest the rolling rates, or chances to get anything good for those who don’t play gacha games, are pretty bad. Granted, everyone has their own sense of luck in this game but mine is purely awful. On top of that, the tickets, which are in-game currency, take forever to stockpile. I’d like to say it’s somewhat like Pokémon Unite, another free-to-play game available on Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and PC, in which players gather up money and spend it later but the adrenaline honestly pulls everyone on the edge of rolling!

The game mechanics are super easy for me as I play with a Nintendo Pro Controller, but once I’ve tried playing on my keyboard, boy are the controls so complicated. I can see why people might critique the game controls, but people can customize it on their controller settings to adapt to their play style. There are also many roles that players can play such as:

  • Strike, mainly an attacking class
  • Rapid, a fast-moving class that can travel throughout the map at a rapid pace
  • Assault, being mostly bulky or help keep the team on their feet
  • Technical, a class where most affect the battlefield as a while such as engulfing an area with flames
  • Support, the name explains itself if I’m being honest, a support of sorts for the team

♡ Character Roster ♡

Look, I’m in no position to say I know these characters, but the roster seems pretty small? I know it’s probably because it was released not that long ago but it’s still pretty small regardless. Hopefully, they add new characters pretty soon! Personally, I use Kaminari a lot, I try to use Mt. Lady as a secondary but she’s pretty tough to use. Regardless, each character has their own unique quirk and play style so definitely check that out! Sometimes, my friend and I play on late nights for fun and we love to see how characters flop around, sort of like how Overwatch’s ragdoll engine throws all characters around.

◇ Overall ◇

I love My Hero Ultra Rumble and I’m debating on watching the anime now after playing the game. I avoided watching the series for a while because of the controversy its fanbase has, however, I might brush that aside and start watching it soon. I heard that the manga series might be done so I could finally have time to catch up, possibly during winter break. The controls for the game are rough on a keyboard so I recommend playing on a controller to make it easier!

A huge shout out to my friend, @cloudy_universe on Instagram or @cloudy_universe on Twitch. If you want to see me play live with him sometimes or see any fun content feel free to check him out! He’s recently started streaming more frequently so I hope he’s having fun while doing so!

This was DJ Harrito from Kingdom Beats, signing off!

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