Nobody Saves the World on Game Pass

Article Charlie Charm

Are you paying the $15 a month Xbox is charging for Game Pass right now? Are you browsing their game selection and wondering what you should play and what is absolute garbage? Well, have no fear, Delivery Boi is here with another great game review for you.

The premise: The world has plunged into chaos, and it needs the help of you! Nobody! That’s right, your name in this game is nobody, because you have no memory of who you are, and what you are about. However, that won’t matter for long, as you find a magical wand that transforms you into a variety of different identities. As you play through the game, you will be a rat, a monk, a robot, and possibly even a dragon! Mix and match different abilities you develop from playing as each character and help save the day.

Why you should play this game: This has an awesome beginning and a cute end, but as other reviewers have said, there happens to be an unfortunate grinding period as you get close to the end. If you can bear through it, or just play something else and come back to this, it is well worth all the grinding. Also, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid one second and then a lich king the next?


– When buying upgrades from the various merchants near dungeons, focus less on star tokens and more on quests and abilities. It will help more in the long run, and the star tokens aren’t necessary.

– The lich king, the warrior, and the turtle are very slow. Try upgrading the movement ability as much as possible and you can get them moving the same speed as the monk!

– Get the monk unlocked as soon as you can – they have a special light rain ability that causes a devastating amount of damage.

Nobody has got this!