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What is 'Behind the Butterfly'?

Article Terezah Scott

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If you didn’t already know this, Terezah was founded by none other than yours truly. Many of you know me as a professional fashion model and designer, but my deepest passion lies in helping others spread their wings to their fullest potential and soar to the greatest of heights. I have been passionately growing Behind the Butterfly for over two years at Sacramento State KSSU Radio and it is now available on all podcast platforms. I believe that we all have a story and we deserve to be heard. By telling our stories we can begin to have a deeper understanding of each other and begin to nurture our human connections. Terezah is the Broadcasting and Media Production Company under the care of the Kaleidoscope Team. Together, our goal is to provide a platform to share these incredible transformational stories. We strive to help others along their transformational journeys as they emerge from the chrysalis like the beautiful butterflies that they are.

Behind the Butterfly has since expanded its platform to create a space for entrepreneurs to promote their business on our weekly podcast. We believe in the power of inspiring our listeners through transformation.

What is Behind the Butterfly?

On each show, we learn about the metamorphosis of our guests and what it took for them to move from their caterpillar stage to a colorful butterfly. Much like a butterfly, we go through stages of growth from which we begin the transition of wondering who we are, to becoming our own version of a butterfly. As part of our mission to help people reach their truest potential, we encourage budding entrepreneurs to share the stories about their road thus far in their entrepreneurial journeys. This platform is creating awareness about these up-and-coming powerhouses, and I am positively thrilled to be launching Season 4 of Behind the Butterfly with this at the heart and soul of the podcast.

“Telling our stories is the most beautiful and healing experience ever because we are able to see one another as human beings…”

The Impact of Behind The Butterfly

Sharing in each other’s stories allows us a glimpse into our own personal journeys, from an outside perspective. This in turn grants us the inspiration and the strength to continue on with our own journeys. We have used storytelling since time immemorial in order to bring knowledge to our successors. Everything from our identities, to the wisdom that we need in order to forge ahead, is centered around the process of storytelling. Our goal is to inspire as many butterflies as possible to get out of their shells and spread their wings.

Moreover, for the people who join us on the show, it can be an incredibly eye-opening experience to reflect on all that they have accomplished, and who they have become. Sometimes we get so bogged down in getting on with our business pursuits and daily lives that we forget to stop and take stock. This platform allows those who share their stories with us to look back on their journey and fully absorb the impact that they’ve had, not only on their lives but the lives of those around them.

Ultimately, the goal is to unlock your own metamorphosis. Whether you’re someone who is sharing your journey or someone who is tuning in, we want you all to be able to transform yourselves and your lives. We want you to be able to grow beyond what you previously thought possible.

Why Should Someone Share Their Story?

Many of us may feel that in telling our stories, we’ve reached the pinnacle of where we are going to be in life. It’s sort of like “the end” of the story, or the end of the road. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In telling our stories, we breathe new life into our goals, signaling that this is only the beginning and encouraging us to believe that we are on the right path to what we deem a ‘success’ for our own lives. We tell our stories in an attempt to release ourselves, evolve, and grow beyond them.

How Do I Share My Story?

I can’t wait to hear from all of you. Season 4 of Behind the Butterfly is approaching and we are looking for Butterflies to feature on our show! Click this link to give your story a voice.

Terezah Scott is the host of “Behind The Butterfly” A weekly talk show celebrating and uplifting community voices airing on Hope, Happiness, Truth, and Growth.