What’s Our KSSU DJs’ Favorite Scary Movies?

Article Brittany Burnsed & KSSU DJs

October is a time for all things spooky and fun, and one of the best things to do for Halloween is get together with the ones closest to you and watch your favorite scary movies. We asked our KSSU DJs to share their favorite scary films to watch for Halloween, so that you might enjoy the same frights as them!

DJ Harrito, Kingdom BeatsThe Final Destination franchise, 2000-2011

“I love the Final Destination series because it truly is the horror of things that could go wrong, will go wrong. I constantly question myself on the pros and cons of each situation and having my thoughts come to life throughout this film is both an awesome concept and a horrific time. The situations in all the movies are also possible which really gets to me, aside from the premonitions told in the story. By the end of each film, many viewers are left in utter shock to what was shown and often question what we see in this film is possible, and most of the time it is. They’re all just freak accidents that could happen to anyone and this movie surely makes me double think if I’d want to mow the lawn each morning.”


DJ Larry Dee, The RoundupThe Thing, 1982

“When a group of researchers in the Antarctic are stuck with an alien that can assume the appearance of anyone (or anything) and there’s nowhere to run, we’re blessed with a film with an impeccable sense of paranoia and dread. The main standout for me however as a practical effects connoisseur are the wettest puppets in town; The Thing boasts wonderfully disgusting body horror that never ceases to amaze me every time I revisit this movie, and it’s honestly what cements this as one of John Carpenter’s best films in my book, contrary to the negative reviews and poor audience reception it got on release way back when.”


DJ Jordan, Sensational Swinging Sounds (Triple S) – The Crow, 1994

The Crow is a story about a couple that was murdered on All Hallows Eve. The man (Eric Draven) comes back from the dead with newfound, regenerative abilities to seek revenge for his dead wife. Donning the same face paint he wore on All Hallows Eve, Eric takes the lives of every man who played a part in his wife’s murder. I love this movie not only because of the revenge storyline but also the film’s soundtrack, one I listen to weekly.”


DJ Karo, The Morning Call - Halloweentown, 1998

“This film is very nostalgic to me since my childhood. I absolutely love this film and how it is so comforting to watch. It is a fun, colorful, good storyline film to enjoy watching cozying up in your blanket with a nice hot drink relaxing. I cant express how much I love it!”


DJ honeycombkeith, The Winter Sidewalk - Phantom of the Paradise, 1974

“I thought it was really inventive way of modernizing such an iconic story like Phantom of the Opera for the glam rock era. Seeing it at a young age really transformed how I looked at the rock genre, and it’s now my definitive favorite take of the classic story. (Also it inspired Guillermo Del Toro and Daft Punk, respectively, to become artists, which is one hell of a bonus!)”


DJ Jondell, Through The Years – The Shining, 1980

“My favorite horror movie to watch is The Shining because of how great the cinematography, acting, and music in this movie is. I really love the way Stanley Kubrick shows just how big the Overlook Hotel is by the giant sets he use and how he can create an old-fashioned atmosphere of the hotel for the audience by having music, clothing, and architecture shown from the 20s and 30s. There are also a lot of great quotes that are said by Jack Nicholson and by the other actors that I really like to say whenever I watch the film. Doctor Sleep was good, but not as great as the original in my opinion. I really recommend watching this if you haven’t already.”


DJ Victoria, Hi Axl!Scream, 1996

“I love this film because it’s just overall a great film. The way this movie was filmed is just phenomenal; I believe that the opening scene with Drew Barrymore is one of the greatest pieces of film in the history of filmmaking. Wes Craven is a genius in the way that he was able to encapsulate both horror and comedy in this film; the way that these two elements melt together is just fantastic. The entire franchise is just genius.”


DJ ZyearreZodiac, 2007

It’s an unfortunate, horrific series of homicides that occurred in the Bay Area, but a reason why I loved this film was the forensic science that was applied during multiple scenes. The acting was actually great as well.”


Want to hear some of the best songs from these spooky films? Listen here to songs that were suggested by our KSSU DJs from their Halloween film favorites here on Spotify!